Tuesday, August 11, 2020

 August 11, 2020

It's been five years since my last post. Prompting me to get current are a few items that may be of interest. 

1) My website has been updated as of today with my new CD, Red Rose, included. Red Rose has 21 new, original songs that were written between 2014, the year of my last CD, "3", and January of this year. Song samples of all the songs are to be found, you have the opportunity to purchase hard copies of Red Rose, "3" and In Good Hands with bundling pricing to save you some money. 

2) Red Rose: 21 original songs spanning multiple genres including 8 Country, 6 Acoustic Country Blues, 2 Blues, 1 Reggae, 1 Rock, 1 Pop, 1 Latin Rock and 1 Ballad. My childhood friend and 5th and 6th grade band mate, Jim Nau, produced the album at his studio in Ramona, California. We took 6 months to get it done with breaks and our dealing with distance recording due to the "Plague" of 2020. The album is a leap forward with some new sounds along with exciting songs and special effects. It's fun! 

3) I got married February 12th, 2017, ten years after our first date..........although we did meet on the first day of kindergarten on September 14, 1959. Check out the new song, Kindergarten Lovers, on the new CD!

4) I've been buying and selling high end, luthier crafted guitars since 2013 and have sold about 80 in that time. I've managed to whittle my collection to 14 acoustics, 1 electric, 1 resonator and 3 ukuleles. Enough to keep my happy and busy. It's been a fun ride getting to know and become friends with great builders like Jim Olson, Kevin Ryan, etal. Met a ton of great collectors and players too while getting to own all the best guitars from the best guitar makers in the acoustic world. It is a golden age for acoustic luthiery!

5) After 19 surgeries over the years, I've cut back on my sports but still do my P90x workout 6x/week followed by 1 to 2 hour speed walks wherever I am............and that is usually on the Snake River at my home in Jerome, Idaho or in San Diego's University City. 

That's about it for now!