Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recent Reviews of my new CD:     "3"

TH – San Mateo, CA
Just want you to know that the first 2 tracks on your CD belong on the radio and have been in my head.

BK – Carson City, NV
Listening to "3" …..WOW...well produced.  Great musical backings. You've come up with a sound on this one that is new and distinct. I liked the country/folk elements. Some great bridges like the ones in "Different Worlds" are a great touch. There is a soulful sound you've incorporated. I like "Crazy Woman” and think I know some of those mentioned! Well done Bruce. 

JF – White Rock, NM
I had a chance to listen to both In Good Hands and your newest cd, “3”,  this weekend. These recording are superb... and represent what must be a huge commitment to your craft. The material is indeed very we'll polished, and the music is amazing! Your knack for writing is commendable. I need to read the liner notes, but the music reminds me of Willie Nelson , Tom Petty, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name only a few. 

DM – Danbury, CT
Have had “3” in the car the past few days and have listened to all of it a few times.....Love it! Specifically the musicality of the songs- the instrumentation is superb as is the audio quality. Your song writing is endearing, clever, succinct, thought provoking! The common theme of lost or broken love is an interesting one, always has been I suppose, and one that so many of us can relate to. Lost Love, Knee Deep In Missing You & All I Can Feel Is You are my favorites at this point! ALL very positive stuff. I think your phrasing is spot on. Superb. A true pleasure to listen to your highly polished and entertaining work!

MC – La Jolla, CA
I will buy several CDs. In fact, I already went to iTunes, but will buy through you. The music is fantastic.  

AD – Alpine, CA
A definite winner! I have enjoyed your CD a lot....the background music is stellar! Music is very good -  singing is excellent. You have a winner! I hope you sell a million!!!!

JR – Huntington Beach, CA
Please forgive me but I am a teenager and I was digging the electric guitar. My favorite song is When It Comes To Love I’m Dumb. But all the rest came in a close second. But just thought I should tell you. You’re living the dream!

TH – San Mateo, CA
I finally had a chance to listen to “3” over the weekend and I was very impressed!  It's quite a revelation.  I like the range of styles because I'm a big fan of the blues and like country and folk. A lot of the lyrics feel like classic folk songs. You sound good. The band is great and the production is excellent. Heck if you'd taken this career branch long ago maybe today you'd be Bon Jovi.  ;)

RS – Menlo Park, CA
I have been listening to it in my car. You are a talented man. The tunes remind me of Hawaiian music. Soothing and “beachy”!  :-)  Nice job.  

CJ – Woodside, CA
I imported your songs to my CD weeks ago..and finally got around to listening. Your last song in my car on Friday was “Lost Love”…which started out of course saying. "It's another 4th of July"…which it was!!! Smiles!!! Oh my…Love your style, writing etc.

ND – Lake Oswego, OR
The music is radio ready and extremely well done. Singing great, musicians great, tempo, everything. The only problem I have is that I know it is my friend singing. I would like to put it in a juke box and watch how people react to it, or see the album performed live and take in the audience reaction. It’s radio ready. Great job!

DP – Point Loma, CA
I am biased and like this kind of music, but so far the CD is darned good.  I like #1 Let Her Go and #4 Different Worlds the best so far. Album is crisp and clear, great instrumentals and like the balance of having those interjected in there. Quality of the recordings is great. More after I get a chance to listen a couple times through…Good job!

JC – Carmel Valley, CA
Very nice easy listening. Nice work!  

RW – Bellevue, WA
I'm here rocking to your cd and cleaning house! Great new sound, something for everyone!

CB – Rancho Bernardo, CA
The cd is awesome, My husband has it at work and plays it all the time!

JN – Ramona, CA
Very impressive. You have really come a long way.

KW – La Mesa, CA
I really like what I hear. Great Job!

RH – Maple Valley, WA
Nice job. Nice clean recordings with a good groove.

AT – Twin Falls, ID
Wow look at you go! You have a ton of songs on there. Seems like some of the songs could really get a crowd going. 

CW – La Jolla, CA
I just returned from 4 days solo in Baja. Got a chance to listen to “3” a few times down there. Not that I am one to judge music, but I would say that your music has really improved!

TT – Pacific Grove, CA
I'm slowly making my way through 3 listening (and reading along). I love your guitar playing. Songs are fun. Some of them very sweet - you know - the kind girls like!  I like your singing too. 
Loved the covers on both In Good Hands and the new one, “3”.

DW – Auckland, New Zealand
Quantum LEAP from your first recording through to “3”.  Clearly you’ve learned the art of capturing sound more and it does justice to your focus and commitment.

JS – Yarrow Point, WA
Just caught my husband listening to “3” while working in the garage. Great music!

LS – Hailey, ID
Congratulations on the then new cd and also on being so prolific a song smith.

JK – Alpharetta, GA
Listening to your new cd! Very nice!

KR – Huntington Beach, CA
We have been listening to this hot new artist and his latest release! Yikes, it's good!  Great stuff, and the arranging was all top-notch. Allison Krauss, take THAT!

JO – Circle Pines MN
My wife and I both listened to “3”. Great musicians. Good job!

HJ – San Marcos, CA
Great job Bruce.

JY – Menlo Park, CA
I have “3” loaded in my car and have listened to most tracks. You are a talented man. I’m enjoying it.

MA – La Jolla, CA
Good music for my long drive to work.

DG – Stanford, CA
Love "3"!

SB – Huntersville, NC
I wanted to tell you that the extra time spent in studio is immediately evident, and the I think it is great. Much better in my opinion than the earlier works.

LM – La Jolla, CA
I am just now starting to listen to “3”. Like what I hear so far.

LR – Fairbanks, AK
I’ve really enjoyed “3” and I’m proud to have had a small part in your early days of music.

JC – San Diego, CA 
A really nice sounding and looking project.

TC – San Diego, CA 
Love it! Nice job by all concerned. 

RN – San Diego, CA 
Good job! 

DS – San Marcos, CA
Love the CD!