Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bruce Gets Ink on Kimo Ukulele Website

Check it out.............Rock & Roll Hall of Fame news on Kimo Ukulele website

Bruce Performs At Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Warming up before show
Pam and Bruce enroute to Cleveland

                                                     Playing one of 4 ukulele originals
                                                               View from the balcony
                                           Bruce outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
                     One of the gigantic guitars around Cleveland to be auctioned off for charity
                                     Bruce with a to be auctioned guitar in front of RRHOF

        Bruce performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame August 24, 2012, Cleveland, Ohio

                                                                       Posing for a fan
                                                           Belting out a blues number
 Bruce & RRHOF VP, Greg Harris at House of gig & pre Yankee-Indians baseball game
 Bruce and Pam enjoy a beer and hug at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio after performance
         Progressive Field...........skybox of Rock Hall of Fame board member......Pam and Bruce
                                               It was that kind of day! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!