Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quick update on the posting of the new songs. The four most recent songs will not be posted for a couple weeks as my Webmaster, Website Larry, is on vacation!

The names of the songs are:

Crazy Woman (country)
New Love (ballad)
Let Her Go (youtube video is posted on youtube) (ballad)
Taking Care of Business (country)

Coming soon!


October Update! 13 Great New Songs!

Hi there!

It has been a busy summer. I have, happily, spent considerable time in Idaho this year after being in the Gem State less than 25% in 2012. Last year was especially hectic with my music travels to Cleveland (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gig), Juneau, Alaska (Alaska Folk Music Festival), Las Vegas (Clarion Convention Center gigs) and the numerous performances in San Diego and Idaho. I have to admit to getting burned out and feeling like I had to be in too many places.

As a result, I made the commitment to enjoying my Idaho home on the Snake River. I have done so and have written 13 songs since my cd, IN GOOD HANDS was completed last October. I am really excited about the new tunes and look forward to sharing them with you in written and cd forms. The lyrics to the new songs are posted on the website and can be found at the LYRICS tab.

With 46 songs copyrighted, including the 13 new songs, I am starting to think about getting back into the studio to begin cd #3. The new songs are, as before, cross genre, including 3 rock, 4 country, 2 blues, 3 ballads and 1 jazz composition.

I hope your summer and year to date has been as exciting and fulfilling as mine!

Let me hear from you!



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's Happening

I have been busy writing songs since the end of 2012. The release of the new double CD kept me busy the last quarter of 2012 and reviews have been great. Thanks to all of you who now own IN GOOD HANDS!

I spent the winter in San Diego and, in fact, much of my time during 2012. I headed to Idaho in mid February and have been writing songs, 10 new tunes to date for a total of 43 in my quiver............42 copyrighted and are on the website LYRICS tab (with lyrics AND chords for those wanting to dabble into my music).

I have not been performing much in recent months, just a few times in Las Vegas, a benefit for a senior rehab center in La Jolla, CA and will be playing at a beautiful venue this Friday night in Twin Falls, Idaho. The function will be attended by 400-500 people at $100 per person for a benefit dinner/auction to raise money for the local Homeless Shelter..............a great cause that I am happy to be able to donate my performance.

Weather is wanting to warm up...........70's this weekend! Yeah!

I have taken advantage of the winter weather by converting my vinyl record album collection to digital. A great experience and trip down memory lane to put both sides of over 300 albums on the turntable, side by side, and listen to the 60's-70's music of our youth. Now all on my pc and also in iTunes, synched up with my iPod.............fun stuff.

I am currently converting all the family video from tape to dvd..........another great run down memory lane with getting to revisit the youth of my kids.

Be good!