Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the recording studio all last week and the Friday before that at Blitz Recording Studio in San Diego. Under the direction of Richard "Blitz" Livoni, engineer, producer and musician extraordinaire.

Back in the studio Monday thru Thursday this coming week. Coming in later in the week will be one of the top saxophone players in the world, the amazing Joe Marillo, to contribute his prowess on two jazz numbers and a couple more sax appropriate numbers. Rick Nash will provide 33 bass tracks. Rick currently tours with the Eve Selis Band. The following week will see keyboard pro John Cain and harmonica player, Aristotle, contribute their excellence to the project.

We have the foundation laid down for 22 of 33 songs. I am re-recording all of my songs thru December that were the basis for my first CD, It's About Time, plus 12 newly penned songs from 2012.

Quite an arduous process, but so much fun. Richard Livoni is awesome. What an ear!

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